Shanghai Melon Industry Association

% 26lt; positive% 26gt; West, melon is the main summer Shanghai citizens Relieves summer heat and thirst quenching fruit, is Shanghai agriculture is a major industry is increasing farmers’ income in Shanghai a major source of income. Long hot summer season approaching, consumers of ‘summer fruit king’ laudatory name of watermelon and unique flavor sweet melon demand will increase, in order to prevent individual watermelon early grab the market, grab the yield, the abuse of growth hormone, violations of fertilizer and pesticide, serious damage to consumer health phenomenon, maintenance of producers and consumers of common interests, the promotion of watermelon and melon industry benign development, Shanghai Melon Industry Association.

%26lt;%26gt; 1 clinical data of patients, male, 65 years old, because of ‘abdominal pain, chest tightness, 7 d, 1 h increase with dizziness’ admitted to our hospital emergency department. History of hypertension 1 years, blood pressure up to mmHg 180\/120 (1 kPa mmHg=0.133), 5 years ago, had been suffering from cerebral infarction without sequelae.

Physical examination on admission body: 36.2 degrees Celsius temperature, blood pressure 150\/91 mmHg, conscious and painful morbidness, bilateral and other large round pupil, of reflected light sensitive, double lung breathes phonic reduction, double lung can and a little moist rales were heard and cardiac examination are normal. Abdominal swelling slightly, bowel sound.% 26lt; positive% 26gt; a tapeworm, of Moniezia benedeni name Moniezia blanchariezia benedeni (Moniez, 1879) end host sheep, goats, cattle. Parasitic part of the small intestine. Description of the insect body flat ribbon form, white front, rear slightly yellowish, composed of nearly spherical scolex, unsegmented neck and a segmented somites, long 1 – 5 meters. The large, diameter 1.704 – 1.735 mm, no rostellum, with 4 circular sucker, sucker diameter 0.580 – 0.667 mm. Cervical stenosis, 2.465 – 5.510 mm. Immature proglottid somite boundaries clear, long 0.145, 0.202 mm wide, 1.160 – 1.595 mm, genital outline is not clear. Mature section length 1.061 – 1.218 mm, width 7.163